Monday, 23 July 2012

Shoe find of the week #2

Crushing on these studded cowboy ankle boots from Zara with a worthy price of £69.99 considering they are 100% leather.
Was first directed to them by Lydia's post here who had purchased them and made me very envious! They look super comfortable and I think the colour would go with a lot of items, from denim jeans to a toughening up a floaty summer dress. I do not own tan boots or really ankle boots... so I'm dreaming of purchasing these on payday!
The only problem is, would the colour get dirty easily do you think?


  1. I. Need. These.

    I worry about them getting dirty too - especially at that price. Hmmm but then they would look amazing with blue denim....

    Tempting, very tempting...

    1. There's no harm in going in Zara to try them on at least... is there? lol

      Cath x