Friday, 29 June 2012

7 days 7 dresses

This is my entry for the 7 days 7 dresses competition made by the lovely Kirsty at
Fashion Champagne teamed with New Look.
The aim of the competition was to pick 7 dresses off the New Look website that you could wear from Monday to Sunday with a creative twist.
I decided to theme my selection by using inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2012 trends!
I had great fun creating these outfits so I hope you enjoy reading it.








All items are on the New Look Website, there's some really good stuff on there 
at the moment!

Also you may notice I have a new logo, it was kindly designed by the brilliant Murray Somerville. Check out his illustrations on his blog here.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My week in photos #5

Blooming rose, print dress H&M, feeding the ducks, printed shirt H&M, Battersea Power Station, Aldo sale fruit bracelet, river in Maidenhead, H&M lace and tie dye dress.

A 'nature versus fashion' photos this week. In real life I am off to perform my first stand-up performance in soho tonight! Excited and nervous...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Topshop Sale Purchases

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I wonder if this is a post I will add to over the next week...
for my bank balance I hope not!

I'm going to start off by showing you some heels that I will be returning unfortunately 
as they are too high for me to be able to walk in, but I got sucked in to pressing the checkout button
by their holographic toe caps...

I think they are gorgeous, I love the whole space aged holographic feel and really wanted a toe capped shoe to add to my collection. They went down from £78 to £35! I wish I could wear them and they wouldn't slip off, but it is a dream not a reality. I have just noticed they are now no longer on the topshop website and that they are topshop 'premium', so rather than returning them to the shop maybe I should sell them on ebay and make a profit? Hmm...

I think I also struck lucky with this second find which is also not on the website anymore. You may recognize the print from the matching trousers that I tried on earlier in another post but they didn't fit right. I couldn't justify spending £65 on this jacket originally but this was £35 so makes up for the above shoes!

Really happy with the jacket as I think it really suits me and I will get a lot of wear out of it. 
Similar to this t-shirt by Tee and Cake I grabbed for £12. 
Love the length and the neon dinosaurs on it!

Lastly I picked up this bargainous dress for £25 from £46 but am unsure about it's length.
It feels slightly too short, particularly on the back, and I don't want to keep tugging it down.
Although the colour is stunning and really compliments my brown hair.
(not that you can see that in this picture)
Would love your opinion on it.

This dress is currently still available in all sizes on the Topshop site

Bring on the Zara sale!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My week in photos #4

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Aldo boot, chandelier, tulip, sheep, brownie sundae, M&S snack, Strada pizza, I got the Zara necklace!

Friday, 15 June 2012

HAUL! M&S, H&M and Zara...

Been having a bit of a crazy shopping week and have quite a big haul to show!
Don't feel guilty for any of it though because they are all amazing buys...

I mainly started off by raiding the Marks and Spencer sale that started Thursday. It was quite a small sale but I found some gems in there. It seems more and more sales are popping up now, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge started yesterday but it's Topshop and Zara that I'm most crossing my fingers for!

White long tank with spikes £19.99 @ Zara                     Yellow scoop top £9.50 @ M&S
Galaxy Print Bikini £34.50 @ M&S

Flecked vest £5.99 @ H&M         Shorts £25 @ M&S
Necklace £7.99, Skull keyring lipgloss £1.99, GreenGlitter nail varnish £1.99,  Silver spike earrings £3.99 all @ H&M

Make up Palette £6, Nail Varnishes £3.50, all @ M&S.

I'm not going on holiday this year and so don't actually have any use for the bikini in this weather, but I fell in love with it so had to have it! I think the make up palette has stunning colours and I can't wait to try it out, great reduction on it also. The necklace and earrings from H&M are actually a lot lighter than they look, which is always a bonus. And the skull lipgloss smells of juicy watermelons, so recommend picking that up.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Necklace Wish List

I really love quirky pieces of jewellery. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, just something a bit different to make your outfit unique. These are my favourite necklaces out there at the moment.  

Zara - £15.99
Galibardy - £34

Me & Zena - £9

My eccentric taste in necklaces may not be to everyone's liking but if you haven't heard of some these brands, like, then check them out as the pieces are really individual and one of a kind. Now I just need to decide which one to get...!

Monday, 11 June 2012

My week in photos #3

Pastel Balloons, tasty new juice drink, gems in casino, pink H&M bags, limited collection bag, Mango outfit, beaded H&M maxi dress, nail varnish haul in M&S sale!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Holographic nails

These are two of my favourite nail varnishes and they just happen to be holographic...

'rainbow' - @ M&S, 'DS Original' - @ O.P.I

I think I am the only one who is upset that M&S is discontinuing some of their beauty ranges and bringing in other brands as I have collected so many of their great value nail varnishes. Hopefully I will be won over! But unfortunately the perfection long wear nail lacquers are currently in the sale and I can not see this colour on their website but check out your local M&S quick!
The Designer Series by O.P.I is pretty rare as well, I grabbed this one off ebay where they are often floating about, but be prepared to pay nearly £20! However if you live in London I saw it in 'Hollywood Nails Supply' in Peckham for a much cheaper cost!

With Flash

Without Flash

Thinking of doing a post showing my whole nail varnish collection soon but now off to check out the M&S' sale at Marble Arch!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Sneak Peak...

A sneak peak at my summer heels...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff @ Topshop

Today I was lucky enough to be at the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Circus for their Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee event. The store was decorated in pretty pastel balloon arches and mint glitter green walls for the event. The space was bustling and there was a throng of people outside waiting for the Meadham Kirchhoff spectacular. A DJ played a spice girls remix as some of the dancers descended from the escalator in pastel prom dresses and sugar candy wigs. Eventually golden curtains in the main windows were raised to reveal stunning models in sequin candy coloured playsuits with feathered fans...  

Watch the show online here

I really enjoyed the show and even got some cute sweeties handed out by one of the usherettes and a glitter heart face art done in the make-up area.

The fun didn't just end there, as I found limited edition Meadham Kirchhoff collaboration tops downstairs that I have not seen on the Topshop website. 

This is surely a bit too Christmassy for summer? Who would actually wear a tinsel top?

I loved these sheer t-shirts with glittered hearts on them but I felt £60 was a bit too steep when I could potentially just d.i.y them! (And they definitely weren't machine washable!)

I did get into the kitsch theme though, and tried on this fun red dress with sheer panels and hearts on the boobs for £48!

However I couldn't help but feel that it looked like a uniform for an ice cream parlour...

You can clearly see that Topshop has drawn inspiration from Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 12 line and I love the kitsch prints, pastel colours and glamorous extras in this collection but I'm not sure it would make me look even younger than I already do!

My week in photos #2

Starbucks happy hour, read this great book in a week, pretty cakes, Jubilee banners, orange juice lolly in the sun, Layla sunbathing with me, fountain at Lytes Cary, me in a swing at Lytes Cary (national trust property).