Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shoe find of the week #12 - THE Christmas shoe!

The perfect pair of Christmas heels: 
Sparkle - they wouldn't be Christmassy without having some form of embellishment.
Silk - A luxurious fabric in a gorgeous cobalt blue. 
Strappy - I think an ankle strap is essential to avoid embarrassing falls Christmas eve after a few drinks! 

What's more is these stunning heels are now reduced from £179 to £89 in the Reiss sale here!

Has everyone got their present shopping finished? I nearly have... 

Monday, 17 December 2012

My week in photos #15

Nero, Christmas in my new flat, Santa being sick on Oxford St, Snowman doughnut, Southbank, West India Quay, and my 'shit' attempt at a Yule log!

Friday, 14 December 2012

I got it... the Soap & Glory 'Best of All' kit!

Bought to my attention by the pink haired princess, I got the super duper Soap & Glory gift set of the year. 'Best of All' normally retails at a whopping £60 but from today, (Friday 14th), it becomes £27! What's more is Soap & Glory products are so huge that this set is bound to last for ages! My local boots had tons but I'm sure they will sell out very quickly.

And inside the bag we have....
  1. Hand Food - £5
  2. Peaches & Clean Cleansing milk - £7
  3. Clean on me shower gel - £5.50
  4. Thick & fast mascara - £10
  5. Smoothie star body lotion - £10
  6. The Righteous butter - £10.50
  7. Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in punchbowl - £9
  8. Sugar Crush body scrub - £8
  9. Heel Genius - £5.50
Altogether that's a saving of £43.50, so it really is worth snagging one up as a Christmas present to yourself :P

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Christmas wish list!

  1. Just a dream wish, but the luxurious Agent Provocateur pink silk dressing gown £275
  2. Much to my boyfriend's disappointment, I dreamed about this film for days after seeing it! £10
  3. Soft, soft, soft hot water bottle from boots! £12.99
  4. The zip has broken on my studded H&M bag I got earlier this year. This quilted Zara bag is an option for £49.99, but it's not leather which it really should be at that price...
  5. Lancome Hypnose Doll eyes mascara £21
  6. The best collar I've come across after my recent post, £15 at Asos.
  7. Loved this cushion for ages - Debenhams £22.40
  8. Topshop razzmatazz nail varnish £6
  9. Need this jumper in my life. I love beagles. Joules, £69.99 (C'mon Jan sales!!)

This was quite tricky as there is nothing I have really asked for this Christmas, this is probably just a list of things I will get round to buying!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pop your collar

Bit late on the bandwagon but wanted to proclaim my love for collar-necklaces! Above is a sneaky shot I took in H&M recently as I wanted to share with you the gorgeous collar choices that are currently in the shop. 

Paired over a simple t-shirt or jumper, it's a great way to jazz up an outfit with no effort.
And below are my favourite picks from online... 

  1. Spike collar necklace - Asos £9
  2. Sequin collar - H&M £7.99
  3. Lace collar - New Look £9.99
  4. Jewelled collar - Asos £18
  5. Rhinestone collar - Zara £19.99
  6. Neon collar necklace - Topshop £22.50

There are so many different styles and options currently available on the high street right now, what one would you pick?