Sunday, 9 September 2012

Surprise Lipstick - Barry M 152

I found this Barry M lipstick in Superdrug's bargain bin and was tempted by the 99p price tag. I don't own any Barry M lipsticks but have always wanted to try them so jumped at the opportunity. The problem was I had no idea what the colour was! It is numbered '152' but must be discontinued as it was not on the Barry M stand and was the only one there. But I thought, hey, lucky dip lipstick what's the harm for 99p?

I was thrilled to find it was a gorgeous, rich, autumnal shade. Not too harsh and perfectly natural looking against my fair skin. I am happy to say that this is a shade that I will get a lot of wear out of.

And here it is swatched on my lips. I love the creamy texture - matte yet not cakey or drying.  I would definitely try different shades from Barry M's lipstick range in the future. Really like the matte packaging as well.

It's always worth double checking Superdrug's reduced section guys! Sure it's often crushed bronzers or opened sanitary pads but I've been lucky a few times now!


  1. That's such a lucky find! Barry M lipsticks are amazing. Love the topshop dress you wore in your last post too, I wanted it so badly! Going to have to wait for it to pop up on ebay.. xx

  2. That was lucky! what a nice shade :)
    Love your blog by the way and have followed you via GFC, maybe you could check out mine sometime?
    Hollie x

  3. Lovely colour! Not bad when you picked it without knowing!

  4. That's a pretty shade, bargin for only 99p!

    Stories of an English rose

  5. This is my favourite lipstick and I had an inkling that it might have been discontinued. :( It really suits you!