Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Baroque Trend

This post was inspired by a feature on 'This Morning' yesterday. Stylist Grace Woodward showed us affordable ways to re-create the baroque style that is popular this A/W. Catch up on the segment here -

I love everything about baroque - the luxurious fabrics and textures, golden accents, layered jewellery and opulence. More is more!

Baroque body £38 Asos, Jacquard shorts £35 Asos, Bug earrings £20 Asos, Baroque cardigan £40 River Island, Beaded clutch £19.99 New Look, Velvet heels £65 Topshop.

As you can see the detailing that goes into these gorgeous pieces are all about the texture or design. Flocked patterns, beaded embellishment and the velvet fabric on the heels, all add to the opulence. My picks are just a glimpse at what is out there, the high street has way more gorgeous baroque items to tempt you.

How do you stop the excess becoming tacky? I think the key is sticking to similarity. For example this body and shorts look stunning together as they are both centered around the same deep gold. If you want to work the trend in the day just pair an item with something simple. For example jacquard trousers with a white shirt or this flocked cardigan from River Island with blue jeans.

Check out where the high street's inspiration stemmed from, I could stare at this D&G fall 2012 catwalk shot for hours...

What do you think of this trend? I'll definitely be pairing my fall baroque look with a deep burgundy lipstick as shown on the Asos model!


  1. Loving the trend , and that cardigan is a beaut! :) xxx

  2. I adore those outfits from D&G. One of my fav collections EVER along with one of Emilio Puccis which is quite similar to this one!