Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Pop your collar

Bit late on the bandwagon but wanted to proclaim my love for collar-necklaces! Above is a sneaky shot I took in H&M recently as I wanted to share with you the gorgeous collar choices that are currently in the shop. 

Paired over a simple t-shirt or jumper, it's a great way to jazz up an outfit with no effort.
And below are my favourite picks from online... 

  1. Spike collar necklace - Asos £9
  2. Sequin collar - H&M £7.99
  3. Lace collar - New Look £9.99
  4. Jewelled collar - Asos £18
  5. Rhinestone collar - Zara £19.99
  6. Neon collar necklace - Topshop £22.50

There are so many different styles and options currently available on the high street right now, what one would you pick?


  1. I'd love to own a collar necklace! I think they're a great way to wear the collar trend without looking overly school-girly :) The Topshop neon one looks very cool.

    xx Ellie

  2. Oh...I'm spoilt for choice! The H&M selection is impressive but I think the Asos collar is my favourite....hope Santa is reading your blog! :) x