Friday, 14 December 2012

I got it... the Soap & Glory 'Best of All' kit!

Bought to my attention by the pink haired princess, I got the super duper Soap & Glory gift set of the year. 'Best of All' normally retails at a whopping £60 but from today, (Friday 14th), it becomes £27! What's more is Soap & Glory products are so huge that this set is bound to last for ages! My local boots had tons but I'm sure they will sell out very quickly.

And inside the bag we have....
  1. Hand Food - £5
  2. Peaches & Clean Cleansing milk - £7
  3. Clean on me shower gel - £5.50
  4. Thick & fast mascara - £10
  5. Smoothie star body lotion - £10
  6. The Righteous butter - £10.50
  7. Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in punchbowl - £9
  8. Sugar Crush body scrub - £8
  9. Heel Genius - £5.50
Altogether that's a saving of £43.50, so it really is worth snagging one up as a Christmas present to yourself :P

1 comment:

  1. I really want to get one of these kits, I love everything in them! Hope they haven't sold out in my local boots
    Daniella x