Friday, 13 December 2013

Winter Primark Haul

I am a fan of Primark all year round but this season they have some absolute treats! Here's a selection of what I have picked up recently.

Starting off with the red festive jumper - this was £12 and I love it. The tree's baubles are little bells so they jingle, also it is slightly cropped so has a modern twist compared to the other novelty sweaters that are about. The patent pumps were just £4 and I think it is always essential to have a black pair of pumps to hand. The fairisle throw underneath all the bargains is also £10 from Primark and has a lovely soft fleecy feel.

Check out this adorable Rudolph necklace on a gold chain. This was actually £2 from the children's section but isn't too short in length. I love that he has a wobbly head also!

COOKIES! With the snuggliest lining ever, these slipper socks were only £4 however they sadly don't have the strongest elastic on the heel.

I have been wearing this over-sized pink cable knit jumper tons, I can't believe it was £14 as would cost so much more in somewhere like Topshop. I've been teaming it with this gorgeous black jewel necklace which was a bargain at £5.

This galaxy print rucksack was £6 from the mens section - can't go wrong really!

Lastly I picked up some new winter jammies, tartan is everywhere at the moment and the dog on the top was too cute to leave in store. This set was under a tenner.

So there we have it! I find it impossible to go in there and just get one item, I get drawn into the store like a magnet! 
What have you picked up from Primark recently?


  1. aaaaaa i am totally in love with cookie monster slippers!

  2. Oh I love that pink jumper, gotta love Primark

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