Friday, 29 June 2012

7 days 7 dresses

This is my entry for the 7 days 7 dresses competition made by the lovely Kirsty at
Fashion Champagne teamed with New Look.
The aim of the competition was to pick 7 dresses off the New Look website that you could wear from Monday to Sunday with a creative twist.
I decided to theme my selection by using inspiration from the Spring/Summer 2012 trends!
I had great fun creating these outfits so I hope you enjoy reading it.








All items are on the New Look Website, there's some really good stuff on there 
at the moment!

Also you may notice I have a new logo, it was kindly designed by the brilliant Murray Somerville. Check out his illustrations on his blog here.

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  1. Heya I just finished my entry too and I just wanted to look at the other entries! :) Love your outfit and accessories for Saturday! :D