Thursday, 7 June 2012

Holographic nails

These are two of my favourite nail varnishes and they just happen to be holographic...

'rainbow' - @ M&S, 'DS Original' - @ O.P.I

I think I am the only one who is upset that M&S is discontinuing some of their beauty ranges and bringing in other brands as I have collected so many of their great value nail varnishes. Hopefully I will be won over! But unfortunately the perfection long wear nail lacquers are currently in the sale and I can not see this colour on their website but check out your local M&S quick!
The Designer Series by O.P.I is pretty rare as well, I grabbed this one off ebay where they are often floating about, but be prepared to pay nearly £20! However if you live in London I saw it in 'Hollywood Nails Supply' in Peckham for a much cheaper cost!

With Flash

Without Flash

Thinking of doing a post showing my whole nail varnish collection soon but now off to check out the M&S' sale at Marble Arch!


  1. that purple nail polish looks amazing... off to ebay I go :)

    1. do you know the name of the shade?

  2. oh my God! How amazing does the OPI nail polish look?! Freaking fabulous! x

  3. Wow I love the OPI polish! xxx

  4. It is hott!

    It is called DS (designer series) Original.

    None on ebay atm... just keep checking!