Friday, 1 June 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff @ Topshop

Today I was lucky enough to be at the Topshop flagship store on Oxford Circus for their Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee event. The store was decorated in pretty pastel balloon arches and mint glitter green walls for the event. The space was bustling and there was a throng of people outside waiting for the Meadham Kirchhoff spectacular. A DJ played a spice girls remix as some of the dancers descended from the escalator in pastel prom dresses and sugar candy wigs. Eventually golden curtains in the main windows were raised to reveal stunning models in sequin candy coloured playsuits with feathered fans...  

Watch the show online here

I really enjoyed the show and even got some cute sweeties handed out by one of the usherettes and a glitter heart face art done in the make-up area.

The fun didn't just end there, as I found limited edition Meadham Kirchhoff collaboration tops downstairs that I have not seen on the Topshop website. 

This is surely a bit too Christmassy for summer? Who would actually wear a tinsel top?

I loved these sheer t-shirts with glittered hearts on them but I felt £60 was a bit too steep when I could potentially just d.i.y them! (And they definitely weren't machine washable!)

I did get into the kitsch theme though, and tried on this fun red dress with sheer panels and hearts on the boobs for £48!

However I couldn't help but feel that it looked like a uniform for an ice cream parlour...

You can clearly see that Topshop has drawn inspiration from Meadham Kirchhoff's S/S 12 line and I love the kitsch prints, pastel colours and glamorous extras in this collection but I'm not sure it would make me look even younger than I already do!

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