Thursday, 11 October 2012

My week in photos #13

Primark rhinestone shoes, Primark jumper, Primark cute tea towels, fun Urban Outfitters shorts, H&M's fluffy jumper,  Urban Outfitters 'Eastenders' dress, Brick Lane curry, H&M trend saucy dress.

Finds this week include quite a few desires but sadly as I've mentioned before, I am saving up for moving flats in London.

Love the pink fluffy jumper from H&M's amazing Lana Del Rey collection, but the fluff got everywhere! It is only £19.99 though... and I have a fiver off voucher to use!

Really recommend checking out Primark's new flagship, it's not as crazy as the Marble Arch store as there's enough space for everyone to fit! The home section was great and I loved these cute tea towels potentially for my new flat. 


  1. I love that new Primark! It doesn't feel anywhere near as busy so it's a far less stressful shopping experience :) It does feel like the prices are creeping up though which is annoying! x x

  2. those shorts are so adorable! and love the saucy dress!

  3. Love that peplum dress, looks gorge! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day :) I'm now following you, would love a follow back! Am hoping to move to London in the next few months so perhaps you could give me some tips on where's good for nights out and what not :) keep in touch hun! x

  4. Wow, such amazing finds. Those shoes are gorg.

    <3 Melissa

  5. love the pics looks like you've had a fab week

  6. aaaah I want those loafers from the first photo <3