Saturday, 6 October 2012

Studded Gloves - Gold or Silver?

So now the weather is getting chillier my mind is turning towards gloves. Anyone else struggle with those knitted ones that you always end up getting holes in the fingertips? May be useful for your touch screen phone but not exactly trend setting! This year I'm thinking about investing in a leather pair that will last a bit longer and will be darn comfortable!

Considering I've been loving everything studded this year, I love these two pairs. The question is, gold studs or silver studs?

The ASOS pair have gold studs and are £35 available here, whilst the River Island pair with silver studs are £30 available here.


  1. Personally I always go for silver over gold, and they are cheaper as well haha! Also love the skirt in your last post, next time I'm in Primarni I'm going to hunt for it! xx

  2. I prefer the River Island ones, I love the zips. x

    Stories of an English rose

  3. Cheers for your comments guys! The consensus is silver which is great as they are cheaper!
    I tried them on in the shop, the leather was really soft and the zip is a nice addition.

    I will defo be purchasing these :)

    Cath x

  4. omg they are gorgeous !
    i love the silver ones.
    PS: I'm having a KERASTASE giveaway on my blog , there are not may entries so chances on winning are big ! open internationally )

    xox Liyana