Saturday, 12 May 2012

Beagle Nails

£2.30 ebay

I love having fun with my nails and experimenting in nail art if I have the chance, these nail stickers are the easiest way to have some fun. I came across them here from the amazing effiesmakeupbox blog. I had a bit of difficulty peeling them off the backing paper but it was completely worth the challenge. Having grown up with beagles I loved looking down at the little fellas, even if people thought it was a bit crazy!

I painted a clear pink base and cut them to stick on top, then sealed with Seche Vite (the best top coat ever). You get a large selection with spares and I loved the fact that the dogs were facing different directions.

Check out janchristie's ebay page to see tons more breeds of dogs and cats, or even more on her website (birds, flowers or your own picture!)

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