Thursday, 31 May 2012

Summer of Dreams

No7 have an amazing summer collection out with gorgeous colours and glamorous gold swirled print packaging. What's even better is that it's been released the same time that Boots are doing a £5 off no7 voucher!

The collection exists of a golden toned bronzer, a peach lipgloss and a pink lipgloss, a silver glitter topcoat and a gold glitter topcoat and a packet of 4 stunning chubby eye pencils. However as you can see from the photo, as with all their limited edition ranges, it has been flying off the shelves! Hopefully more deliveries will arrive in stores as I purchased the gold nail varnish but would have liked a lipgloss too as they have a great spongy applicator!

Here's the amazing top coat I did pick out however...

The top coat comes out with big flecks of gold, I layered it over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream and sealed it with Seche Vite. These photos are after 3 days wear, so pretty impressed!

If you see the Summer of Dreams collection in your boots, grab something from it quick!

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