Friday, 11 May 2012


One of my favourite films is the classic cheesy Clueless. Cher Horowitz was a 90s fashion icon and her colour co-ordinated revolving wardrobe was to die for. Seeing as 90s fashion style has come back round again, it's worth watching again for inspiration. (Seen a lot of her sheer shirts around, particularly in H&M trend!)

So as soon as I saw on the Topshop website the new lipstick called 'clueless' I was intrigued...

It is £7 and a very bright fluro pink chubby stick which makes it really easy for application and there's no bleeding. It feels really soft on your lips and it's staying power is remarkable even after drinks. I would not recommend it for daywear eg. work though as it is very bright but really makes an outfit pop for the evening.

Swatched on my lips in daylight

I love wearing it at the moment and am looking forward to trying out more of Topshop's make up range which is 2 years old this year. 5 stars!!


  1. oh thats gorge! i also LOVE clueless! I watched it recently again and I just still adore it!
    That lip colour is so pretty, Its really pink though I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off. I wish I could though!


  2. Cheers! I'm sure you could pull it off, if I'm not having a brave day I just rub a bit on gently with my finger! x

  3. Love this colour. Can you believe I only watched Clueless for the first time this year?! xx