Saturday, 25 August 2012

Glitter NOTD - H&M Confetti nail polish

Just a quick post to show you this amazing nail polish I was drawn to like a magpie in H&M. 

It is called 'Confetti' and I think it is a bit of a dupe for American Apparel's 'Supernova' which retails at £9 whereas this H&M version is a steal at £2.99! 

It has large hexagonal pieces and smaller glitter particles consisting of red, blue, green, gold and silver suspended in a clear base. I didn't feel that it came out that thick, this photograph is with two coats. However at the price I don't think it matters and it would probably look better over a dark colour.

I haven't seen many about so pick one up if you spot one, it'd be a great little Christmas pressie! (Yes I am starting to think about that!)


  1. I've always loved h&m nail varnishes! This is an amazing dupe!:-)xx

  2. ooooooo this is fabulous! I am totally going and buying this now, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, you're totally fuelling my nail polish addiction lol!


  3. Lovely nails! Really like the glitter without a coloured base xx