Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Shoe find of the week #6

I had to give shoe of the week to my bargain find this week. I've been looking for some new leather shoes for work but leather is always so expensive. Imagine my delight when I popped in Zara, not expecting to find anything in their end of sale messy bundle, but to see a pair of leather flats all on their own in my size! Originally £79.99 the tag said £29.99, then at the till the assistant said that's £15 please. Don't you love it when that happen? They are pretty androgynous and having large feet they may look a little clown-y, but I really don't care at that price.

Also want to say hello to my new followers! I'm happy that anyone would be interested in reading my ramblings, and love reading your comments. I will always make an effort to check out your blogs and such. I think if I got to 50 followers I'd defo do a giveaway to say cheers.


  1. great find! i do love a good bargain:-)xx

  2. It's the best when that happens at the till! Those shoes are gorgeous too - I love an androgynous shoe!

    Kirsty x